Smartphone APP Developer

Smartphone APP Developer is an expert in planning and developing native iOS Android APP features and functions in a systematic professional way like:

  • Software analysis
  • System flow planning
  • Database design
  • Interface design
  • API development
  • Coding (Swift, Objective-C, Java, Kotlin, React Native Javascript)
  • APP Security
  • SDK developement
  • Alpha tests
  • Beta tests
  • Pilot tests
  • Maintenance and optimization

PHP Developer

PHP Developer is an expert in planning and developing both front-end and back-end web-based systems and usually perform tasks like:

  • Code with Laravel framework using PHP 5.6 and above.
  • Code without framework using PHP 5.6 and above.
  • Code with Javascript, jQuery, CSS, HTML5 for mobile friendly responsive interface.
  • Develop API for smartphone APP
  • Server setup
  • Server resources management
  • Server security protection

Image Processing Algorithm Engineer

Image Processing Algorithm Engineer is an expert in developing logic model for image processing with artificial intelligence algorithm like:

  • Moving object identification and tracking.
  • Malaysian vehicle number plate identification, tracking and recognition.
  • People flow counter algorithm
  • Indoor position tracking

ELV Consulting Engineer

ELV Consulting Engineer is an expert in the planning, design, and construction of extra-low-voltage systems like:

  • KNX/Crestron/C-Bus/Mod-Bus Wired Smart Home
  • ZigBee/Z-Wave/WiFi/RF Wireless Smart Home
  • IP Audio/Video/Fire Intercom
  • IP Camera CCTV
  • CMS Alarm Security
  • Visitor Management Systems
  • Card/Lift/Vehicle Access Control
  • SMATV, IP Public Address Systems
  • Building Automation Systems
  • Building Control Systems
  • System Manual Documentation
  • etc.

Structured Cabling Engineer

Structured Cabling Engineers is an expert in structured networks of Fiber Optic cables, Ethernet cables, KNX cables, Bus Twisted Pair cables, etc and usually perform tasks like:

  • Installing cables according to CAD drawings.
  • Testing and terminating cables.
  • Patching panels.
  • Identify cable errors.
  • Rectify network errors.

Business Administration

Business Administrator is the management trainee for Managers and usually perform tasks like:

  • Online Marketing
  • General Presentation PPT Preparation
  • Technical Presentation PPT Preparation
  • Sites and Offices Coordination
  • Procurement and Delivery
  • Sourcing and Catalog Preparation
  • Documentation